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Flex 4 <s:Rect/> height limit of 10,000?

In my post about vertical scroll speed I show a code example of a scroller with several nested groups. A typical design of websites these days is to have a content area in the middle with an ever-expanding height and some sort of repeating background or colors on the sides – Just look at the layout of the majority of blogs, including my own.

Writing a flex app with the same design where you can scroll a lot of content vertically with a solid background color is a pretty typical use-case, but you will quickly find a limitation with using the primitive class Rect as a background: maxHeight = 10,000.

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Simple TLF Text Editor

I found a great TLF editor that is simple and to the point, it is under the MIT license, and is of course open source.

I don’t remember the combination of search terms to find it, but I’ve looked for something like this before and was unable to find it despite it being written in Q3 last year. The other examples that I’ve seen are way too heavy or are just plain bad.

Flex 4 List remembering verticalScrollPosition

June 18, 2010 22 comments

A simple requirement, but ~6 hours of frustration.

All I wanted to do was to remember the scroll position that the user was at after an update of the dataprovider items on a list occurred. I had a solution in flex 3 for the (Advanced)DataGrid control that listened for a scroll event and remembered the last known scroll position that would then be set in commit properties after the dataProvider for the grid dispatched a COLLECTION_CHANGE event.

Naturally, I started with that same solution on the Flex 4 list. It was a little trickier, discovering that no event was fired from the list when a scroll event occurred. It turns out that in the skin class, you have to listen to the vertical scroll bar on the scroller object, but this of course is entirely dependent on where your scroller or viewport container that handles scrolling lives, regardless of skinclass.

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Conditional Compilation

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

There is a cool compiler flag that allows you to conditionally compile code into your binaries called -define.

This really cool feature has an annoying side effect though:

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Unknown error generating output application.xml files

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been implementing a new project using the TDD methodology using some of the new flash builder tools – specifically the “Execute FlexUnit Tests” method when you right click on a test case class.

When the project matured enough to check into SVN, I noticed a weird error:

Unknown error generating output application.xml files.

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Flex 4 Text Performance Issues

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

We have been running into performance issues with a new MMSP level application where we render anywhere from 1 to thousands of items. We narrowed it down to the List, DataGroup, ItemRenderer, and related items and decided to run some tests to see what about them was taking so long.

We created an app that creates 5 lists, each with their own data group and item renderer files. We created one with vectors/gradients only (NoLabelNoBind), vectors/gradients with labels and no binding, vectors/gradients with labels and binding, and then two more with richtext in stead of labels.

We rendered 100, 200, 300, 400, and then 500 items, all of which finished except the 500 item test, where it got a 15 second script timeout exception thrown. Maybe our tests are bogus and we are doing something wrong, but we are ignorant of those techniques if that is the case. The bottom line from this test app is to use labels where RichText isn’t needed and don’t use binding but in stead set the properties of the labels from the Dto/Vo objects as the renderer receives the new item.

Per the adobe help docs, we tried adding the “useVirtualLayout” property to the layout property on the datagroup and list with the same results.

Speed Test

Speed Test

The associated source can be found here.